Benefits & Trends of Automating Travel & Expense Management

Benefits & Trends of Automating Travel & Expense Management

Jimmy LeFever of PayStream Advisors and Mark Oliver of Apptricity Corporation.

Jimmy LeFever. Director of Research & Consulting of PayStream Advisors and Mark Oliver, Executive Vice President of Apptricity

The need for improved Travel and Expense Management continues to grow as organizations work to control costs while improving financial visibility and process velocity. However, while expense management automation has been available for many years, almost three-quarters of organizations still use e-mail, spreadsheets and paper to submit expenses and receipts. By now, most people probably know the benefits of investing in automated solutions to help with business management — and those benefits continue to grow over time, thanks to competitive pressures to cut costs and operate ever-faster.…

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‘Tis The Season: 4 Views of Expense Management Automation

When the holidays approach, many employees rush to submit final expense reports before the end of the year. Some are entering long-overdue reports at the last-minute, while others need to submit last-minute trips to close those big end-of-quarter deals. stressed worker for the holidays Whatever the case may be, December is always a busy month for submitting expense reports, so it’s useful to have an automated expense management solution to keep track of employee spending and enable quick expense report submission and approval ahead of those vital year-end deadlines.

If you haven’t automated your travel and expense management yet, your accounts payable staff is feeling the burden of ensuring policy enforcement (one report at a time), performing paper-based audits, and manually tracking reimbursements and repayment of cash advances.…

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