Apptricity Field Services plays an integral role in accelerating service installation and repair by increasing efficiencies and reducing costs of deploying field service crews. One of the biggest Man outside of van challenges many companies face is the difficulty with connecting their supply chain and their value chain in the field. That’s not true for companies that have used Apptricity Field Services software with the Apptricity Connected Service Vehicle … and they’ve discovered significant benefits:

  1. Tool and inventory tracking – Apptricity Field Services has integrated and streamlined asset, inventory, and work order management for start-to-finish tracking and control across the value chain. Tools on a service vehicle became tagged inventory items, which made it easy to quickly determine whether a specific tool was in the vehicle (or left behind) when leaving a site.
  2. Time and cost savings – field operations have grown measurably more effective, efficient, and profitable in the areas of inventory management, installation, service provisioning, and customer notification.
  3. Electronically automated forms – With the help of RFID technology and the Apptricity Connected Service Vehicle, anything removed from a vehicle was instantaneously reflected on the technician’s tablet or mobile device. Warehouse managers and technicians appreciated Apptricity’s automated system because no paper trail was required, and inventory tracking via spreadsheets and manual data entry was eliminated, reducing errors, shrinkage and waste.
  4. Minimized number of trips and time to warehouse – With a more efficient system and full understanding of what was on each vehicle, calls could be better scheduled and trips to and from the warehouse avoided.
  5. Minimized work order processing – the solution made it simple for all personnel to track details pertaining to requested services by automating the process. Employees were better prepared and organized, and management significantly better informed.

These results can apply to any field service operation – including yours. If you’re seeking dramatic improvements in your field service operations, visit our website to find out more about Apptricity Field Services and the Apptricity Connected Service Vehicle.

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