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NDTA’s featured speaker, Gary Rasicot with TSA

Last week, Apptricity attended NDTA’s GovTravels Symposium at the Hilton Mark Center in Alexandria, Virginia. This premier event showcased passenger travel professionals from the government and travel industry, where they gathered to collaborate on regulations, technology, challenges, and best practices in government travel.

Designed with input from the private sector and government travel stakeholders, this symposium offered presentations by leaders in government travel, discussions with travel decision makers, educational breakouts, and an exposition space to meet with leading travel organizations. This event also showcased important relevant industry news, such as snapshots of issues impacting and relating to passenger travel.

Highlights from the event include:

  • Live Facebook Chats on optimizing policies & processes for smarter government travel, and the benefits of travel & tourism in the US economy
  • Steps aimed to unify expertise for smart buying, to include engaging industry to help government pace with markets, presentation by Tim Burke, Government-wide category executive for travel
  • Keynote thought leadership by TSA’s Steve Karoly, expressing the goal for airports to use technology to create a secure, but fluid, experience for travelers

Apptricity Travel and Expense proved to be a playmaker for this event for its mobile and software application to simplify the submission, approval, and payment process for travel and expenses. With new industry concerns for optimizing travel policies and smarter government travel, automation is key for providing best practices and meeting industry needs for the travel process.

Want to learn more about Apptricity Travel and Expense, and how we can help you enforce your travel policy? Contact us at info@apptricity.com or call 214.596.0601.

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