When the holidays approach, many employees rush to submit final expense reports before the end of the year. Some are entering long-overdue reports at the last-minute, while others need to submit last-minute trips to close those big end-of-quarter deals. stressed worker for the holidays Whatever the case may be, December is always a busy month for submitting expense reports, so it’s useful to have an automated expense management solution to keep track of employee spending and enable quick expense report submission and approval ahead of those vital year-end deadlines.

If you haven’t automated your travel and expense management yet, your accounts payable staff is feeling the burden of ensuring policy enforcement (one report at a time), performing paper-based audits, and manually tracking reimbursements and repayment of cash advances. Whether your company is large or small, the pain is the same – and automating travel and expense management both eases that pain and lets your staff handle other more important year-end challenges.

Wondering what makes for a convenient expense management solution? We thought we’d share a few thoughts from our users.

Thoughts on Apptricity Travel & Expense Management:

The program is very useful in the way it communicates between user and approver in a timely manner.”

I like that the Apptricity system easily list(s) all expenses and allows me to follow policy as well as track spending.”

It’s easy to use and convenient. When on the go, an expense reporting application makes it easy to keep up with expenses.

I always know that I am within our company’s compliance.”

Automating travel and expense management won’t solve all of your end-of-year holiday stress, but we think you’ll find it’s a great way to start!

Source: https://www.g2crowd.com/products/apptricity-travel-and-expense/reviews 

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