work_order_tabletMarketing is being transformed as enterprises try new channels, such as social media, to communicate with existing and potential customers. But companies’ most powerful communication channel is their employees’ interaction with customers. In that light, an automated work order management system amounts to a powerful marketing tool.

A superior work order management system can help your employees do those jobs in the most customer-pleasing way possible. This is especially true when employees are calling on clients at their home or place of business.

Ensure Your App is Intuitive and Includes as Much Data as Possible

The first order of business, however, is to ensure the solution you’ve selected is intuitive and has all the capabilities you’ll need – and that your employees are well- trained to use it.

A good work order automation application allows you to assign and manage data with a simple drag-and-drop interface. You can assign jobs by date, employee and/or priority, setting your own specifications and prioritizations to dictate such assignments. The app should indicate work order status, including who is responsible for each, how they are progressing and which jobs remain unassigned. It might also indicate the hours and/or costs allowed for each job. For maximum visibility, the app should provide as much of this information to the employee as possible.

In addition to automating the assignment process, a top work order automation solution will help make sure your employees have virtually everything they need to do their jobs properly. For example, the program should allow you to attach documentation, such as special instructions, delivery hours and which entrance to use. It can let drivers view a map of the location, and allow you to plot a route for drivers based on coordinates. Employees need to be able to access this documentation and information as readily as possible.

Demand Maximum Organizational Transparency

The same system should also help you track of all aspects of all jobs – in real time. If you don’t know what’s going on, you can’t keep the process under control; that means you can’t dispatch employees so they can do their jobs effectively. While that hurts your bottom line, it also damages how your customers perceive your business. They may even come away with the impression that your front-line employees aren’t trying hard enough.

Thus, a good work order automation app will keep you informed in a variety of ways. In addition to providing work order status, the system should let you search according to criteria such as location, building name, description and even cost range. It also allows you to track the timeliness of response and quality of work.

On top of all that, your work order management system should be well integrated with other business process automation, such as supply chain management, for maximum efficiency. For example, with general ledger integration, you will be able to allocate work costs, assigning them to the appropriate accounts, and differentiate between labor and materials costs.

Taken as a whole, effective automation will communicate clearly to customers that you have your act together as a reliable and effective business partner, and that’s a powerful marketing message to send.

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