ngconnect-plus-apptricityInnovation has always been the driving force behind America’s success. Innovating on the way we work, think about and interact with vehicles is rapidly evolving.

Apptricity is collaborating with Alcatel-Lucent’s ng Connect Program, a hotspot for thought leaders across the world, to develop the Connected Service Vehicle (CSV). The CSV creates a “customized mobile experience” to increase the capabilities and productivity of service technicians, first responders, and other organizations with mobile fleets of service vehicles.

Apptricity has joined forces with Alcatel-Lucent’s ecosystem of other leading companies like VidyoSkymeter, Ivox, NuanceEyecast and Genetec, to integrate respective technologies on a single 4G LTE device. Apptricity Smartfleet® (a part of Jetstream) provides mobile work order, asset, inventory, and warehouse management capabilities to increase service provider productivity and efficiency. Smartfleet ensure that each vehicle is properly equipped based on the daily work order schedule. Changes to planned activities can be coordinated and communicated in real time based on each vehicles location and equipment inventory.

The CSV is premiering at the 45th International CES in Las Vegas, one of the largest trade-shows of consumer electronics in the world. From January 8 to 11, hundreds of thousands of visitors will get a chance to peruse technology exhibitors. Apptricity’s Smartfleet will be featured at the Alcatel-Lucent booth.  In addition to Smartfleet, the CSV is equipped with Advanced GPS, onboard 4G LTE, HD video surveillance and streaming, a tablet-to-car linkage, and speech recognition software.

This suite of integrated applications provides actual savings and inventory efficiencies and changes what it means to be a mobilized workforce.

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