biztravel_hotelFor those who do frequent business travel, the hotel room is literally home away from home while they take care of inking deals, solidifying business relationships and managing company interests across states and continents. Needless to say, hotels are interested in keeping customers happy enough that they book again on future trips, which is why a recent survey  concerned with travelers’ lodging experiences should offer some insight into what can be improved in order to keep them coming back.

So was it the lackluster continental breakfast or the wonky internet that dissatisfied customers the most? In such a competitive industry, word of mouth can make all the difference between a hotel dealing with empty rooms or making themselves a regular entry into employee expense reports. Survey results suggest that hotels are actually doing a great job of making guests happy, overall. The good news for hoteliers is that TrustYou, the research firm that compiled the results from various social media outlets, reports that positive comments outweigh complaints by a large margin (about 9 to 1). Overall, customers seemed happy with the service, the room and the food, all of which ranked in at the top of the list for most positive comments. As for the bad news, the top complaints included:

  • Unprofessional/Incompetent Service
  • Small room
  • Expensive/Overpriced
  • Bad food
  • Dirty room

“The comments are extremely valuable for both consumers and hoteliers,” said Benjamin Jost, CEO and co-founder of TrustYou.  “Travelers are able to get a peer’s opinion on a hotel experience and hoteliers are able to address the issues or misperceptions in a public forum.  This has brought an entire new level of transparency and accountability to the industry.”

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