warhouseManaging an active warehouse without the proper tools is like driving a car without a steering wheel; it will go straight for a while, but eventually you’ll lose control. Warehouse management solutions are built upon proven industry best practices to provide the tools needed to run an efficient warehouse with the requisite visibility … just without all the troublesome paper.

If you’re just starting the process of looking into potential warehouse management system software, teaming up with a proven provider like Apptricity can help nail down exactly what your company needs in terms of a software solution. But, in general, there are a few characteristics you should look for in a solution before you sign on the dotted line.

  • Ease of use: It seems basic, but this cannot be underestimated. Employee adoption massively improves when a solution is intuitive and simple to use. After all, a warehouse management system is meant to improve efficiency, which is tough to do if it’s difficult to operate. Look for quality of life improvements, such as auto-population, real-time mapping and compatibility with ASNs and current systems.
  • Inventory: Inventory control tends to go hand-in-hand with warehouse management, so look for a solution that can easily integrate with inventory management software. Automatically tracking receiving, put-away, movements, rotations and shipments can help immensely with keeping tabs on stock and location.
  • Mobility: Make sure to keep an eye out for a provider that keeps current with technology trends. Being tethered to a computer monitor isn’t always ideal when it comes to warehouse management, so look for mobile options that will allow for more flexibility, particularly for tasks such as processing arrivals, picking orders and tracking movement. Picking a solution that suits the specifics of what your warehouse needs is vital for its longevity and viability.

For more details on Apptricity’s own warehouse management solution, check our web site for more information.

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