Business-travel-becomes-more-technologically-mobileWhile business travelers are often mobile due to the nature of their jobs, this time we’re referring to the type of mobility that has nothing to do with the amount of frequent flyer miles they accumulated last quarter. The rate at which they’re consuming mobile technology and making use of mobile devices (such as tablets and smartphones) is expanding rapidly, with technology companies demonstrating they are more than willing to step up and meet the demand.

Executive Travel Magazine reported last week that a recent survey shows road warriors to be more connected than ever before. According to the article, 55% of respondents bring 3-4 devices with them while on a business-related trip. And the rise is not due just to business travelers being virtually tethered to their desks; their use of technology also includes more up-to-date methods to stay in touch with family, with 67% preferring video chat as a means of communication over e-mail or a traditional phone call.

As far as the types of devices they prefer, smartphones and tablets top the list, with the laptop losing ground to newer technology. For travelers that spend a vast majority of their time juggling luggage and hopping one form of transportation after another all the way from home to destination and back, it’s not surprising that more of them are looking for an all-in-one device that can keep them connected to the office, their itineraries and their families. These days, smartphones seem to best fit the bill with their capability of video chat, schedule tracking, filing of expense reports, and much more. It’s no surprise that busy road warriors are choosing devices that are best able to keep up with them.

Survey results such as this also support the rapid increase in mobile software options for business travelers, who have little and less time to deal with spreadsheets and receipt tracking while on the go. Mobile expense management, for instance, just adds another layer of convenience and time-savings to an already full day, allowing smartphone and tablet users to take care of business whether in the office or at some Belgian café. These days, mobility isn’t just a fun perk … and the fact that 36% rank checking their smartphones as the first task of the day just goes to show that technology has to move as fast as these travelers to keep up with demand.

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