fleet-management-modernizing-fleetQuality transportation management requires much more than keeping track of where your vehicles are. In today’s world, business managers want to keep track of everything from vehicle safety to energy efficiency. Regulatory compliance alone demands a certain level of visibility that is difficult to obtain without software, but beyond that, automated improvements made to transportation management positively impact the entire supply chain.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to improve your fleet operations with modern technology. GPS units can be programmed to keep track of every vehicle in a fleet and provide vital information regarding where they need to be. You can see which routes are being used and give recommendations for more efficient, time-saving travel methods with just one click.

With fuel costs on the rise, transportation has become a daunting expense for businesses. Transportation management systems enables you to keep track of just how many gallons of fuel your vehicles are using each year. This can help you learn which vehicles in your fleet are worth keeping and which are becoming too expensive to maintain.

Modern transportation management software can also help track which vehicles are giving off high carbon emissions that exceed environmental standards. As new laws further restrict the environmental impact of businesses, it is essential to have this information on hand so you can meet stricter standards. It’s quite a public relations bonus when a company can increase fleet efficiency while making operations more environmentally friendly.

Government agencies are becoming more and more invested in how fleets are being managed by businesses. They want to know who is operating the vehicles, what they are carrying, where they are going…and that’s just the short list. Transportation management systems can centralize all of these bits of data so you can readily access any information about your fleet, any time you need it.

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