mobile-expense-thumbIf you incur company expenses while on-the-go, why not do your expense management while on-the-go as well? Combining expense handling with mobile capabilities makes expense reports easier to track and submit, and enables a mobile means of approving without being tied to a desk in some corporate office. Mobile expense management provides a level of flexibility that many businesses require, especially those operating on a global scale.  Some expense management solution providers offer separate applications to complement their software, so if your company’s employees are consistently mobile, you might want to get them access to some great benefits:

  • Easier approvals. When you’re traveling and need to ensure that you’re spending within company guidelines, a mobile expense management solution can keep you apprised of how company policy applies to your given situation. It can also expedite the approval process, which means less reimbursement delay.
  • Faster reimbursements. Instead of fighting with receipts, staples and Excel spreadsheets, why not just take a picture of your receipt with a cell phone camera and send it through your expense management software? It’ll minimize the chances of errors or lost receipts…and it’s possible that your reimbursement check will be waiting for you when you return.
  • Better bookings. Some mobile expense management solutions include integrated travel booking. This functionality helps corporate travelers stay compliant by booking through approved vendors, and if they need to adjust travel plans, those changes will be reflected in their company’s accounting system.
  • Information when you need it. These days, there is a need for quick access to reliable, business-critical information. Mobile expense management software supports the chain of accurate, real-time data that is crucial for efficient operations. Managers can monitor spend through software, rather than relying on a paper trail.

These functions may seem like perks, but they can easily be viewed as necessities in today’s fast-paced business world. As expense margins get thinner and thinner, it’s tough to argue that comprehensive expense management is anything but invaluable to companies that are consistently on the move.

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