wms-food-and-beverageWarehouse management software can ensure warehouses in every industry are performing at their maximum potential, but warehouse management solutions are even more vital to the food and beverage industry. Storage facilities and shipping methods are required to meet higher standards due to both the highly regulated nature of the industry and the extremely limited shelf lives of the products that they handle. Here are just a few ways that warehouse management software can help regular or cold storage facilities operate better:

  • Faster putaways – Warehouse management systems make sure you’re using your warehouses in the most strategic ways possible. An automated solution helps products reach shelves faster while making it a simple task to track whether you have enough space for additional incoming shipments.
  • Shelf life tracking – Given the perishable nature of many food and beverage items, it is crucial to track the remaining useful life of stock items. Automating your warehouse gives you a system that can keep track of every box or pallet’s entry date and remaining life, helping you keep your shipments fresh.
  • Slotting analysis – Many food and beverage items are subject to a great degree of seasonal variability in demand as well as demand shifts caused by such things as aggressive sales promotions. Supply chain management software can track these events and help your staff properly slot products so they are in the right place at the right time. This promotes efficiency and faster deliveries.
  • Detailed intelligence and reporting – With a fully functional warehouse management system, it’s an easy task to track every item within your warehouse. You’ll have clear visibility into when products arrive, where they are placed, and where they should go. This information not only helps you better manage your resources, but also provides a clear audit trail that allows you to track all movement into and out of the warehouse. Given the high degree of food supply regulation, this feature is crucial for warehouse managers that deal with shipments of food and beverage products.

Warehouse management software does much more than just accept deliveries and ship products. It helps ensure products are put in the right place and kept safe and fresh. Many Americans may take the food and beverage supply chain for granted, but all the work behind the scenes is what allows them to consume these perishable products without worrying about in-transit spoilage or potential health risks. For many companies, warehouse management system software is proving to be an integral part of that chain of quality.

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