warehouse-management-how-companies-saveYou may think your products are sitting safely in your warehouse, but without effective warehouse management protocol how do you know? Warehouses are vast spaces where a great deal of product and money are lost every year. Stock can be rerouted accidentally, discarded, misplaced or otherwise eliminated without proper warehouse management. Losing control of your warehouse makes for slowed business, which is why effective warehouse management can mean the difference between saved cash and lost revenue. The need to maximize resources and savings within the warehouse is why companies are turning to warehouse management software.

Warehouses tend to be large, busy and crowded, so it’s no wonder that sometimes products go missing. Workers might offload something in the wrong place, which means lost productivity when it’s time to set everyone on a manual search. Advanced logistics and supply chain management software helps warehouse managers track products to be shipped through advanced technologies such as RFID, allowing them to manage every item in the warehouse within a system that lacks the human capacity to misplace and forget.

Relying on manual processes and tribal knowledge to run your warehouse can lead to problems when trying to gain an accurate item count. The clipboard management style of a manually-run warehouse means records are frequently rife with errors. Some of the tools offered by warehouse management systems help ensure accurate tallies as well as location tracking that can pinpoint exact item locations without wasting time on a search. The increase in efficiency, lowering of costs and maximized productivity are benefits that are tough to achieve at the same level without software to back up operations.

Accurate information is key to running an efficient warehouse. Creating a centralized repository for data, one that can be accessed across the organization, can serve to interlink a distribution network in ways that only technology can fully support. The newer SaaS warehouse solutions are able to provide a repository of information that keeps the warehouse running smoothly at a lower cost when compared to on-premise solutions. Either method of deployment can provide a great benefit to a business’ operations, but for those who don’t have a large IT department in place to handle installation and management of servers, databases and operating systems, SaaS is quickly becoming the solution of choice.

Warehouse operations are vital to the overall health of a company. Businesses that neglect their supply chain are finding it more difficult to compete against their more efficient counterparts. With the right software solution in place, however, warehouse management can become a source of savings rather than a source of stress.

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