EMT_deviceAsset management systems may have the ability to impact healthcare more than any other industry. Healthcare has a large variety of asset types, many of which carry staggering costs but are small enough to be easily mislaid. At the same time, the industry has unique challenges when it comes to managing the paperwork and monitoring involved with asset management. As if these challenges were not enough, healthcare is one of the few industries where an inability to immediately access necessary assets can actually harm someone’s health.

Here are just a few of the many ways an asset management system can help healthcare providers:

  • Better maintenance at lower costs. Asset tracking systems automate the process of obtaining maintenance for sensitive medical equipment. The ability to provide maintenance with a clearly delineated schedule of services required makes it easier to negotiate discounted pricing.
  • Reduced asset loss. Most healthcare facilities have equipment valued in the range of thousands of dollars, and much of it can be easily accessed….even by people who aren’t authorized. Combining asset management software with RFID tags makes it almost impossible for someone to put on a lab coat and walk out with a piece of equipment. This can make a huge difference not only in the budget, but in patient data security as well.
  • Better central supply operations. Asset management software does more than just protect medical equipment; it can also help coordinate the entire process of bringing inventory into a healthcare facility’s central supply department. This can ensure that important items do not go out of stock while also preventing duplicate orders from being placed.
  • Improved patient outcomes. Ultimately, patient care requires both medical staff and equipment. Asset management software ensures that doctors, nurses and other staff can find the equipment and supplies that they need – when they need it. This can help prevent lost work time for employees that tend to be stretched thin and minimizes the chance of patients experiencing prolonged discomfort or excessive waits for services due to missing equipment.

Given these benefits, there are a number of healthcare organizations that are turning to asset management systems to improve their operations. Reduced costs, improved patient care and enhanced productivity make an automated system invaluable to healthcare facilities.

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