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When you think of automation, the words convenient, quick and cost-effective should come to mind. So why should a solution deployment take twelve months? An effective provider should have the resources to get you up and running in about twelve weeks or less and if they can’t, it’s worth having a chat to figure out why. Obviously, it’s the sort of project that has long term implications for the successful operation of your AP department (and your company), so it needs to be handled at a professional pace, but excessively long deployment times signify a provider that is overextended, which doesn’t bode well for future customer service.

Your potential automation provider should have someone available to discuss a realistic timeframe and explain the steps involved in the project. Delays can and do happen for various reasons, but there needs to be open communication throughout the project so that both sides feel as though they are working together rather than at odds. Visibility should start from the beginning of the project, not just with the travel and expense management.

The recent lawsuits over failed ERP implementations are a good example of why researching your potential provider and their ability to deliver is vital to the successful conclusion of the project. Barring unforeseen circumstances, hold providers accountable for what they promise. The good ones won’t disappoint…and you’ll actually end up with your travel and expense management software in the timeline you expected.

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