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If your existing ERP systems work as though they were designed to complement each other, don’t purchase travel and expense management software that’s going to show up in flip-flops and a Hawaiian shirt. Platform-agnosticism is important for several reasons, including the cost savings accrued by leveraging your current IT investments. There are solutions available that can ease into your current setup and be an asset to your company upon implementation rather than a new source of headaches, which means a much faster ROI.

That adaptability should also extend to software upgrades. If you’ve got to bring in an army of contractors every time your provider releases a new version, that’s a lot of unnecessary cost and disruption. It’s important to consider whether your provider can offer a solution that is simply integrated and upgraded. It should also allow for easy migration of pre-set configurations. After setting up an expense processing system to fit your standards, it’d be a shame to have to start over again after every new release. Remember: switching to automation is supposed to make your life simpler.

For more information on the adaptability and flexibility available in today’s automated business solutions, you can check out Apptricity’s Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA).  With all software products designed using this same architecture; it’s a simple matter to make the most of what you have, both now and in the future. A high level of process optimization can be achieved quickly and with minimal expense.

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