Business-travel-becomes-more-technologically-mobileT&E should travel with you

Spreadsheets are the couch potatoes of the expense world: it’s just not fun traveling with them. That’s why your switch to automation should include a mobile service option. Not only do you get to skip the perils of manual keying, you can report expenses moments after you’ve made a purchase if you have a mobile device in hand (and who doesn’t these days?). The closer you are to the point of purchase, the more accurate your expense management is likely to be; all documents will be on hand and your memory will still be fresh. It can be done in real time while you’re waiting for that frothy latte instead of whenever you happen to gain access to your company’s spreadsheet template.

Needless to say, the more mobile expense options the better: laptop access, Apple iPhone/iPad, Blackberry, Android, Windows Mobile….you name it. Don’t end up with a solution that locks you into one platform or you may be looking for another provider when your travelers switch to new mobile devices. It’s important to consider what you might need down the road before committing to an expense management software project – choosing a provider that’s behind the curve right now doesn’t bode well in terms of them keeping their software updated and functioning with the newest technology.

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