expense-management-software-automation-thumbBurn those receipts

Okay, maybe not literally, but a high end travel and expense management software solution will let you attach pictures, scans or electronic copies of receipts, giving you the option of crumpling the paper versions and leaving them in a hotel wastebasket. Most expense management software providers offer some form of this, but if you’re eyeing a solution that doesn’t include multiple electronic attachment options, just remember the last time you were stuck in line at the post office to mail all that paper back to corporate headquarters. At tax time. In the rain. Uphill both ways.

Your travelers aren’t the only ones who’d appreciate multiple attachment options. Stop and ask your travel manager how she feels about having a giant manila envelope full of month-old receipts dumped on her desk. Straining to read faded receipts or relying on the memories of salespeople who have slept many nights since that business lunch in London will just reinforce how important it is to have diverse options in receipt capture and attachment. Bonus points if the solution allows direct download of credit card data and upload of other supporting documents in multiple formats. You never know what you might need to tack on to help explain that expense, so flexibility is always a perk.

The lure of paper-free spend management or expense managment  is one of the primary draws for companies looking to switch to automation. The hassle of it all is reason enough to upgrade, but have you checked into how much it’s costing you to process each and every manual expense report? The numbers don’t lie – manual processing is not cheap. When you make the switch, make sure to hold your provider accountable for multiple forms of receipt attachment. It’ll make your employees’ lives much simpler – and yours as well.

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