Apptricity Announces New Field Services Vehicle

This week, Apptricity announced the introduction of its newest vehicle for its field services solution. Apptricity Field Services in conjunction with the new state-of-the-art Field Services Vehicle, allows for instant inventory updates, immediate turn-by-turn directions, and on-demand synchronization. The collaboration of Apptricity’s newest Field Services Vehicle will begin a revolutionary solution to increase efficiency in […] Read more

Apptricity Attends RFID in Aerospace & Defense

Last week, Apptricity attended the first annual RFID in Aerospace & Defense event in Long Beach, California. The event was to showcase providers and solutions to help attendees determine how to deploy RFID in their operations, in respect to the aerospace and defense sectors. Delta Airlines, the U.S. Air force, Northrop Grumman, and other sponsors […] Read more

What to Watch Out For When It Comes to Expense Reimbursement

Business travel spend is projected to reach heights of $318 billion this year alone. What does that mean for your company’s travel policy? According to CGMA Magazine, expense reimbursement fraud is the most common type of fraud; it accounts for about 14% of all asset misappropriation fraud schemes. Why is this the most common type […] Read more