RFID Technology: Beyond Asset Tracking

Often when one thinks of RFID technology, the first thought to mind might be of asset tracking for retail. According to new studies, the use of RFID technology is expected to rise in all industries, especially in healthcare. The study suggests the healthcare market is expected to witness 3.89 billion dollars of RFID technology to […] Read more

Don’t Waste Time and Money with Procurement Inefficiencies

When it comes to procurement, businesses should be worry free of risk, waste little time and company dollars, and should have complete control of payments. Mishaps happen, and when they do, companies realize the need for a change. A recent internal audit of city procurement card transactions made by elected officials from the City of […] Read more

Latest Trends in Retail: Inventory Reduction

When it comes to inventory management, companies are starting to change the way they fill their warehouses. For instance, Home Depot wants fewer items on its shelves and it wants them to be within customers’ reach. Tom Shortt, Home Depot’s senior vice president of supply chain says to “Get comfortable with days of inventory, not […] Read more